As a Tezos holder, it can be daunting to choose the right baker since the market is now flooded with many attractive options. In fact,

On Wednesday, Ledger, the company behind the highly successful and popular Nano cryptocurrency hardware wallet, announced that Tezos is now fully supported in the Ledger Live

Recently, Tezos Insider's Ken Garofalo had the chance to speak with Berner Setterwall, CTO of Tez-Baking, to discuss Tezos delegation and the prospect of a

This week marked the first uninterrupted business week for 2019 and Tezos has made a splash into this year with new stories and a lot

Tezos Insider's Ken Garofalo was joined recently by Jovan Smith of iBakeTezos to discuss the ins and outs of Tezos baking and everything involved with operating

With a long holiday break since December, there have been several notable news items in the past two weeks. We skipped a roundup last week

Tezos Insider had the privilege of speaking directly with Arthur Breitman, Founder of the Tezos project, to discuss many important topics including protocol development, on-chain governance,

In this era of cryptocurrencies, it can get quite confusing to identify the differences between the thousands of different digital assets now listed on websites

This week was big for Tezos Insider as it marks our inaugural launch to follow Tezos and provide you exclusive interviews and information into 2019.

It was first announced back in March of 2018 that the Tezos Foundation had tapped Obsidian Systems, a small software firm based in New York,

Several of the lead architects behind the Tezos project have formed a new research and development company called Nomadic Labs. The move comes as the

Implementing some form of “Zero-Knowledge” proofs, based on the zk-SNARKs model pioneered by Zcash, into the Tezos protocol has been on the radar of creator

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