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Tezos wallet app is now available on Ledger Live

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On Wednesday, Ledger, the company behind the highly successful and popular Nano cryptocurrency hardware wallet, announced that Tezos is now fully supported in the Ledger Live flagship application and that users can download the Tezos wallet app.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tezos to the Ledger platform,” said Eric Larchevêque, CEO at Ledger. “It is exciting to see active community members and external developers adding Ledger support, and we look forward to seeing continued engagement coming from the community.”

According to Ledger, users will also be able to delegate coins from within the application to securely participate in Tezos baking.

Tezos Insider reached out to the Tezos Foundation for comment on the Ledger announcement and what it means for ongoing Tezos adoption and development.

“The Tezos community and ecosystem are maturing at a rapid pace. Ledger’s ongoing support helps make both the community and ecosystem safer and accessible,” said Ryan Jesperson, President of the Tezos Foundation.

Built by Obsidian Systems

The original support for Tezos on the Ledger Nano platform was created by Obsidian Systems, though the feature has only been available in the Ledger Live application in developer mode up to this point.

Speaking with Tezos Insider in December, Mike Reinhart, Project Manager for Obsidian Systems, stated that Tezos would soon be moving out of developer-only mode within the Ledger Live application.

“The first step is to getting Tezos fully supported in Ledger Live is to get our applications out of Developer Mode. It looks as though Tezos Wallet will make that leap very soon.”

“The Ledger team has always been great to work with. We’ve coordinated releases of Tezos Wallet and Tezos Baking nearly every month,” said Reinhart.

About Ledger

Founded in 2014, Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Paris, Vierzon and San Francisco, Ledger has a team of over 130 professionals developing a variety of products and services to safeguard cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies – including the Ledger hardware wallets line already sold in 165 countries.

The company also plans to launch the Ledger Vault, a security solution for banks, hedge funds and family offices that want to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“For the wallets, we integrated our operating system in a secure chip, and for the Vault, we are integrating it in a hardware security module,” Ledger co-founder and CEO Eric Larchevêque said. “The idea behind it is to provide additional features and services, such as multiaccounts, multisignature or timelocks.”

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