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Weekly Tezos Roundup 1/11/2019

Tezos Insider Weekly News Roundup

This week marked the first uninterrupted business week for 2019 and Tezos has made a splash into this year with new stories and a lot on the horizon this month. Once again we have collected several of the top stories from this week so you don’t fall behind what’s happening with the Tezos project.

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Here’s a rundown of everything that’s been happening since our last roundup on January 4, 2019. We are heavy on the videos this week since there have been a lot of interviews posted as 2019 gets underway.

Tezos Insider interview with Jovan Smith from iBakeTezos

This week also marked Tezos Insider’s first voyage into interviews with Tezos community members. This week, Ken Garofalo spoke with Jovan Smith, of iBakeTezos, to discuss baking and delegation. Here’s a short excerpt from Jovan’s answer to a question about managing the growth of a delegation business:

Jovan Smith: So, I’m a true believer in Tezos, true believer. It’s passive income. What we haven’t seen yet is what I call the “massive XTZ bond hunt.” The “massive XTZ bond hunt,” that really hasn’t happened yet. But you see bakers reaching out to each other and to other people asking to either participate in their bond pool or somehow they’re looking for more bond.

Because you necessarily can’t buy more on exchanges, there just isn’t enough liquidity. With an almost 80% staking ratio across both operations, the actual delegation and then the operation of setting a delegation to a delegate. All of that is included in that number, that staking ratio.

Watch at Jovan’s interview at Tezos Insider

Video: Tezos 2018 Reflections & 2019 Excitement with Arthur Breitman

Tezos Founder Arthur Breitman released a video this week outlining what he sees as the success Tezos experienced in 2018, and the upcoming opportunities in 2019 which have him excited over the future of the platform.

Among the accomplishments Arthur currently sees:

  • Betanet launch in June 2018, Mainnet in September 2018
  • Tezos community is growing strong globally
  • Research grants expanding in Tezos ecosystem
  • Baking community growing strong, over 450 bakers today
  • One of the most decentralized blockchain projects
  • Tezos paving the way in Proof of Stake
  • Looking forward to new, seamless protocol upgrades

The topics which excite Arthur for 2019:

  • Smart Contracts and the uniqueness of Michelson
  • Self-amending characteristic of Tezos
  • Ideas on finality and a new proof of stake algorithm
  • Tendermint, used in Cosmos. for example, as something to explore
  • zk-SNARKs bindings to Zcash library in the future
  • Improved mempool management for optimization can speed up transaction capacity
  • Improvement of the storage layer to optimize storage use and increase transaction capacity
  • Improved garbage collection logic
  • Expand smart contract language support beyond Michelson
  • Build testing and development tools for smart contracts
  • Making formal verification easier with better tools

Arthur also discussed several of these topics in our very own interview with him posted on January 2.

Obsidian Systems Releases Kiln Version 0.3.0 Baking Monitor

On Friday, Obsidian Systems released a new version of their baker monitoring software known as Kiln. Among the new features now available:

  • Notifications for missed blocks
  • Notifications for missed endorsements
  • Notifications if your baker goes inactive
  • Your next baking or endorsing opportunity shown in Kiln’s dashboard

If you run a baking operation or are self-baking, be sure to read the full Obsidian post and subscribe to their Medium blog for continual updates on this software.

Read at Medium

Arthur Breitman Interview with The Crypto Lark

Appearing yet again in our list, because he’s been doing a lot of interviews lately, which we love to watch, Arthur joined The Crypto Lark to discuss the Tezos project and touched on several of the same topics mentioned in his own video about reflections of 2018 and looking ahead to 2019.

That’s all we have this week! Missing any important Tezos stories we should be writing about? Get in touch on the contact page.

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