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Weekly Tezos Roundup 1/4/2019

Tezos Insider Weekly News Roundup

With a long holiday break since December, there have been several notable news items in the past two weeks. We skipped a roundup last week due to the shortened few days between Christmas and New Year’s but it’s time to get back to the grind and continue following the ongoing development and growth of Tezos.

Here’s a look at the past two weeks since our previous roundup at the end of December.

Tezos Insider Interview with Arthur Breitman

In case you missed, and I hope you didn’t, Tezos Insider had the chance to speak with Tezos founder Arthur Breitman. We discussed a wide range of Tezos-related issues as well as some topics on blockchain and Bitcoin development in general. Arthur was gracious to chat for almost an hour and give his thoughts on baking, smart contracts, blockchain privacy, and ways that the Tezos community could be improved with better development and testing tools.

He also explained some of the basics with Tezos on-chain governance and how a new proposal for a protocol upgrade gets injected to the network, here’s a snippet from the transcript:

ARTHUR BREITMAN: Well, really, anyone can start that process, right now, anyone who has one role can inject a proposal, and try to get people excited to do the proposal and vote on the proposal. So, it really could be anyone, I think that probably the first proposals are going to come from some of the development teams which are involved with Tezos, that strikes me as the most likely, but it could be a dark horse.

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Video: OCaml – The Best Coding Language for Blockchain

TOMI, a foundation dedicated to Tezos research and education, based on Los Angeles, has been producing some excellent content and tutorials explaining the finer details of Tezos in terms of development and baking. The most recent publication, a talk from Dr. Debajyoti Ray (aka ‘Dray’) at the Tezos LA event during last summer, features an in-depth look at why Tezos uses the OCaml programming language and why it is well-suited for secure blockchain development.

If you are new to Tezos or want to learn more about what sets this chain apart, watch the talk from Dr. Dray and you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the subject:

Visit TOMI.institute for more educational resources on Tezos including videos and research papers.

CoinGecko Adds Tezos Gitlab Support

CoinGecko, the cryptocurrency analysis and tracking website, has added support for following Tezos development by hooking up the Tezos Gitlab repository to the XTZ page on the site. It’s a small announcement but it’s good to see expanding support for the project from popular tracking sites like CoinGecko.

Visit CoinGecko’s Tezos/XTZ page

Tezsure insurance Dapp product demo

The Tezsure project, which aims to simplify insurance products by utilizing Tezos smart contracts, has released a new article and video which features a product demo. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post on Tezsure’s Medium channel:

We completed the experience design for the upcoming Tezsure platform. We are covering the vision in the pre-alpha, as you can see in the product video. Our main three features are shown: buying an insurance policy, creating a claim and creating a new policy. You can see how AI does the risk analysis and underwriting upfront according to the needs of a user to make the plans and product personalized.

Tezsure is one of the quickest moving major Dapp projects on Tezos. It is amazing to see them coming this far and 2019 looks to be promising for a full-fledged beta of the finished product.

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