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Weekly Tezos Roundup 12/21/2018

Tezos Insider Weekly News Roundup

This week was big for Tezos Insider as it marks our inaugural launch to follow Tezos and provide you exclusive interviews and information into 2019. The weekly news roundup will become a staple to capture important Tezos stories from the past week and give a nod to other great writers and bloggers working hard to spread the word about Tezos and explain important topics.

Here’s a look at this past week:

Tezos Lead Architects Launch New Development Shop

Three of the top OCaml developers who spent multiple years working on the Tezos protocol have founded a new company called Nomadic Labs. The company has grown to 30 full-time developers focused on expanding and researching the Tezos protocol.

In addition to working on the core protocol for new upgrades and protocol amendments, the team is also working on a Tezos mobile wallet.

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A Tutorial Introduction to Michelson & Tezos

Posted to the Tezos Medium blog earlier this week, Part 1 and Part 2 of a series on Michelson programming and smart contracts. This is a fantastic guide to learn things such as how Michelson differs from the Ethereum Virtual Machine and learn a line-by-line walkthrough of writing a basic Tezos smart contract.

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Tezos On-Chain Voting With Ledger Nano

Obsidian Systems announced this week that progress had been made to allow on-chain voting using your Ledger Nano hardware wallet. The ability to vote for upgrades to the Tezos protocol is a crucial advantage over other chains, and Obsidian has made great strides in giving users the tools they need to securely and easily be a part of the process.

Version 2.0 of the Tezos Ecosystem Map

The folks at Galene have posted the 2nd edition of their unofficial Tezos ecosystem map. I’m pleased to announce that Tezos Insider officially made the cut and we hope to be a part of the Tezos community for a long time to come.

The goal of the project is to keep track of the Tezos ecosystem and chart the growth over time.

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